Friday, May 26, 2017

Graphic Porn From Israeli PM Netenyahu's Bedroom

Jerusalem--When Israeli PM Ben-Laden Netenyahu needs help getting his flaccid manhood to come to attention, 'Bibi' doesn't use Viagra, it's too weak for his major ED dysfunction, so he turns to a collection of porn he keeps by his and his shrewish wife Sara's bed, say servants that work at the Netenyahu's Jerusalem home.

According to one of the servants to work at the Netenyahu's Jerusalem residence, the Netenyahu's are delusional, always demanding that they be referred to in royal terms, like 'Your Highness' or 'Your Majesty' and are nasty drunks.

The servants decided to get back at the slave driving Netenhayu family be stealing some of their vast porn collection to show the world what kind of sickos the Netenyahu's truly are.

So when Bibi wants to enjoy sex with Sara, the servants claim they have to bring in most of their favorite porn pics--the ones shown below--so Bibi can look at the pics and get sexually aroused.

Here's what Bibi and Sara Netenyahu view to get sexually excited:
And according to the servants, this is the porn that gets them really aroused!
Reporting from Jerusalem, this is John Galt for ASHO.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Which Holocau$t™ Am I Supposed to Believe and Worship?

All good goys and girls know that Holocau$t™ has now become a state protected religion that we must worship at least once a day, preferably in the form of cash donations to some Jew or Israeli charity. But which Holocau$t™ are we supposed to believe in and worship?

The most revered number of six million is definitely a huge fabrication, since the numbers at both Auschwitz and Madjanek have dropped by around 4 million. Then there's that Red Cross document that shows less than 300,000 Jews died during WW II, so these facts are upsetting for good little goys and girls who have been programmed to worship the Holocau$t™ so PLEASE, give us a number that will withstand historical questions and facts.

We don't want to wind up like Robert Faurisson, who was almost beat to death by peace-loving Jews who demanded that Faurisson bow to the Holocau$t™ except he had legit questions which the Jews answered with clubs and fists.
Then there's the other changes in the most Holy Holocau$t™ story, like changing that Germany had death camps to they didn't have death camps, all those were in Poland, behind the Iron Curtain, making investigation impossible for decades.

Then there's those fake gas chambers, built AFTER the end of WW II to show a gullible public what they looked like, except prominent historians like David Irving say they never existed?

Also confusing is the dropping from the most Holy Holocau$t™ scripture of the shrunken heads and then we also found out that NO Jew skin made lampshades and NO Jew ashes/fat made soap, so as you can see, it's getting very confusing for us goys and girls who, having been trained from birth to worship the Holocau$t™ now have all these other stories which appear to put large holes in the most Holy Holocau$t™.

Add in all the phony stories, like Misha Defonseca’s Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years (1997) and it gets very difficult for us goys and girls to worship the Holy Holocau$t™.

When you get the New York Times outing phony Holocau$t™ stories, that makes for a very confusing story for us dedicated acolytes to believe in!

So please, Jewish Overlord and Keepers of the Holy Holocau$t™ choose ONE story about what happened so we can continue being good little goys and girls! We know that since it's a religion, then whatever story yarn you publish will be sacred dogma, not subject to questions!

If you don't worship the most Holy Holocau$t™ then ISIS will be unleashed on your infidel heads!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Guess Who DOMINATES the 100 Worst Landlords List in NYC?

The answer should be obvious. They're from the same ethnic group that dominate banking, media, academia, Hollywood and have Congress in their pocket. (Wonder if #1 is any relation to 'Lucky' Larry Silverstein, of the Israeli 9/11 False Flag?)

No, the Shadow President Kushner is not on the list. But he might be in Baltimore!

Here's a taste of one of the scummy landlords, who just happens to be a Rabbi!
New York’s Ten Worst Landlords, Part 1

Landlord: Moishe Indig

A rabbi and developer in Williamsburg’s Satmar community, Indig is a board member of the powerful social services organization UJCare, is a strong Bloomberg supporter, has built a well-known synagogue on Hooper Street, and acts as something of a Hasidic community spokesman in the mainstream press.

What it’s like to live there: With 132 violations (at last count) for a small four-story walk-up, 684 Flushing, in the East Williamsburg–Bushwick industrial region, is right up there on the city’s worst-violations list. Forty-five of those violations are immediately hazardous, according to city records, and include a chronically broken boiler and gas pipes, as well as water leaks that result in the kinds of floods that cause ceilings to collapse.

Apartment 4D is ridden with bedbugs and mice, and the wood floors sag dangerously. A woman and her children live in a first-floor apartment that’s missing a kitchen ceiling; it collapsed in a flood a few months ago.

The building has at least three abandoned apartments—their doors are boarded up with plywood and sprayed with graffiti. Two of those apartments, according to tenants, belonged to residents who fled because they couldn’t stand the deathly cold. Like everyone else in the building, they kept their oven doors open and the gas on in the winter months—if there was gas, that is. “We haven’t been able to cook for three months,” says Leo Smith, a 55-year-old carpenter.

Rodents have made fist-size holes in the walls and floor. The basement has been full of rats since at least 2008, when the city started slapping the landlord with rodent violations that remain open to this day. “Everything that could go wrong in this building has gone wrong,” Juliano says.
Good thing Moishe is a man of G-d! Maybe Moishe should use some Zyklon-B to get rid of the vermin?

100 Worst Landlords in New York City

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